About Us

MemoryBanc became a reality when, in trying to support and serve my parents with the help of my three awesome siblings, we continued to struggle with how to help my parents maintain their independence but support them through progressing stages of memory loss and dementia. From this challenge, I created the MemoryBanc® Register.

As I started to talk with friends in similar situations, I realized the tools I created for my parents would be useful to many others. When I began sharing my prototypes with business colleagues and neighbors, I received requests from single parents, new parents and empty nesters.

As my parents are progressing from what started as simple memory loss into the early stages of dementia, I began to ask questions about their early childhood and family members. When I started to second guess some of the information that conflicted, I decided to create the MemoryBanc® Monograph.  I wanted to be able to have one book that served as the historical and personal keepsake for my own family members.

Let me know if you have suggestions or other products and services that might help you collect, protect and preserve your memories—or those of a loved one. You can reach me at Kay@MemoryBanc.com

Thank you for your interest in my business.

Kay Bransford
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