MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life
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Secure your financial and online assets with MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life. Today, more than $58 billion is sitting with state and federal treasurers representing bank accounts, insurance, tax returns, and retirement accounts that were lost in the shuffle of a move, personal crisis, or death. Nearly half of adults over forty can expect to face a short-term disability before they reach sixty-five, and 70 percent of Americans over sixty-five will need three years of care and support. 

MemoryBanc makes it easy to document accounts, usernames, and medical history so they can be easily found or shared should they ever be needed by a spouse or loved one. It also helps couples that divide and conquer stay on the same page and gives individuals a way to easily hand over important information should it ever be needed. With the help of MemoryBanc, readers no longer have to store their information in their heads, on their phones, in a file, or under a keyboard—they now have one place that captures it all.

Find out how easily it is to secure your assets with MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life.

MemoryBanc won the 2013 AARP Foundation Prize for Older-Adult Focused Innovation.

This 7x10 inch workbook prompts users through more than 140 collection pages to record personal, financial, medical, online and household documents, accounts and assets.  


Praise for MemoryBanc

“If only we had Kay Bransford's comprehensive MemoryBanc workbook when my wife and I were caring for our aging parents. We'll be using it to make sure our kids have everything they need to know in one place.”
- Bart Astor, author of the best-selling AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life 

“What a great resource!  This workbook provides useful forms, strategies, and tips for organizing important information for all generations. This process can be overwhelming, but MemoryBanc streamlines the gathering of all the pieces.”
- Barbara McVicker, eldercare expert and host of the PBS-TV Special Stuck in the Middle: caring for Mom and Dad

MemoryBanc: Your Workbook for Organizing Life

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